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Hedge directors investing company
Our Service

HedgeDirector provides hedge funds, UCITs, '40 Act funds, funds-of-funds and management firms with expert directors from around the globe. We are not a corporate directorship firm, nor do not provide any ancillary administrative functions. Each of our panel directors provides his or her service as an individual “natural person” director. Our mission at HedgeDirector is to assemble a high quality and trustworthy group of individuals, who commit to following a common code of conduct, and link them together to provide access to each other's expertise and experience. By leveraging off the collective wisdom of the group, we can improve the quality of governance in every board we serve.

Each of our panel directors commits to follow our code of conduct :
  • Maximum Workload - a strict maximum of 15 fund relationships each, and fewer if the individual’s workload requires it.

  • Independence - fees should only be taken from the fund, or management firm, for providing directorship services. Potential conflicts of interests, whether real or perceived, must be disclosed.

  • Integrity - each member of our panel relies on the good reputation and credibility of each of the others. We each have industry reputations to protect and are strongly incentivised to act always with careful judgement and probity.

  • Transparency - independent directors should fully disclose their portfolio of roles and workloads to any relevant party.

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