Athanasios Ladopoulos
Email: ALadopoulos@SwissIM.com
Tel.: +41 (0)77 413-7939
Mr Ladopoulos is an experienced hedge Fund Manager and founder of the Directors Dealings Fund (DD Fund) and Swiss Investment Managers (SIM), where he is currently the CIO. He was previously the lead Portfolio Manager with the ACMH/ Xanthus Group and initiated the MBO of that firm. Before that, he was the lead Portfolio Manager of Kinetic Special Situations, a London-based event driven hedge fund. Previously, he was the Head of Research at Claridge Capital and a futures trader for First Continental Trading. Mr Ladopoulos has also been Associate Director for Lazard Capital Markets, in TMT equity research, and spent the early part of his career as Senior Analyst at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). He is authorised Director under CSSF in Luxemburg and the Chairman of the DD Fund. He holds an MSc in Intelligent Management Systems, a BSc(Hons) in Information Systems and is based in Switzerland.