Franck A. Willaime
Email: franck.willaime@insead.edu
Tel.: +352 621 218 024
Franck A. Willaime is an INSEAD certified Independent fund director (IDP-C) active on the boards of CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Authority) regulated alternative funds including PE, RE and Hedge funds (UCITS and AIFMs)
He graduated from the ISC Paris business school in 1997. He holds an MBA from the University of Georgia, USA and is a former French army paratrooper, with secret defense clearance and data encryption certification.
Mr. Willaime combines both banking & technology expertise, starting his career as a stock broker in New York, before working on the corporate bond arbitrage desk at Viel & Cie, and on the floor of the Paris derivatives exchange for Credit Agricole. He has also held senior positions at technology companies providing trading, compliance, risk management and back office solutions to financial institutions. Recently, Mr. Willaime was Managing Director of Cadis Software Sarl, an award winning software firm, successfully sold to Markit Group Limited in 2012.
He has worked in New York City, London, Paris and Luxembourg; where he now lives. He is married with 3 children. He is an active member of ILA, ALCO, ALRiM and China-Lux Chamber of Commerce.