Matthew Ridley
United Kingdom
Email: wmmridley@gmail.com
Tel.: +44 7775 631 277
Mr Ridley has investment experience across conventional and alternative asset classes. He was Chief Investment Officer of Consulta Limited, a firm with $1.5bn under management in multi asset class portfolios. At Consulta, Mr Ridley developed market-leading due diligence and analysis of hedge funds. He published a prominent book “How to Invest in Hedge Funds, An Investment Professional’s Guide”. His board experience includes directorships at Consulta Limited, Consulta Channel Islands Limited and representing Consulta for the boards of a number of Guernsey and Curacao domiciled Funds. Mr Ridley has been in the hedge fund industry since joining Liberty Ermitage in 1994. Since leaving Consulta in 2012 he has been President of ART19,Inc. He resides in the UK.