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HedgeDirector was founded by experienced hedge fund investor, Kevin Ryan, in 2010 in response to investor demands for better corporate oversight within the hedge fund industry. As an alternative fund researcher and portfolio manager since the early 1990s, Mr Ryan has observed these investments across a wide range of markets and has seen the best, and worst, practice in fund governance.

Over the last 20 years, alternative investments have grown from a niche industry, driven largely by a private investor base, to become a important part of the mainstream financial world. As institutional investors have become pre-dominant, governance requirements have changed, particularly since the financial crisis. Financial regulators and institutions have both focused on the role of directors, demanding higher standards of service from them.

Best practice specifies a balanced and independent board, with a broad enough range of skills to oversee the breadth and complexity of both the strategy and the overall business. Directors also need to have enough time available, and be sufficiently driven, to protect shareholders’ interests. At HedgeDirector, we have assembled a pool of individuals with the experience, focus and motivation to meet these standards.

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