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Independent Director Platform

HedgeDirector is a growing talent pool of non-executive directors, offering our services to both alternative and traditional investment vehicles. Our directors have all worked at senior level for some of the most respected investment firms, are based around the globe, and act for both onshore and offshore structures. We are all hired independently as “natural persons”, each taking personal responsibility for his or her service, but we also interact as a team, sharing information and experience to benefit both the funds and the investors. Our current panel of directors can be seen here.

Our Values

HedgeDirector is committed to improving the role of the fiduciary within the alternative investment industry. We believe that investors in hedge funds should receive the same level of expert oversight and protection provided to traditional investors. In our view, non-executive directors should be -

  • Appropriately Skilled: with a sufficient breadth of experience to cover the whole business.

  • Totally Independent: directors should provide no other paid services to the funds that they act for.

  • Fully Transparent: directors should freely disclose their workloads to all relevant parties.

  • Focused: We strictly limit our directors to a maximum of 15 fund relationships each.

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